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Child Support Attorneys

It is normal — and expected — that a parent going through a divorce will have concerns regarding child support. Whether you will pay support or receive it, you want to know that the amount of support was reached fairly. Our Pearland child support lawyers understand your concerns and work hard to ensure that child support determinations are arrived at in an appropriate and accurate manner.At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we advocate for parents as well as the best interests of their children. We handle initial determinations of child support as well as child support modifications and enforcement issues that arise in the future.

Whether you will be paying or receiving child support payments, do not hesitate to call us to schedule a consultation. We can be reached at 979-849-8526.

Determining Child Support

In Texas, mandatory state guidelines are used to determine the amount of support. The Legislature provides a formula that is based on net resources. As experienced child support attorneys, we are familiar with the difficulties that can arise when determining child support. For example, one parent may not be forthcoming regarding income. Perhaps that person is self-employed or an independent contractor or takes advantage of write-offs as a business owner. Sometimes, the net resources a person actually has are not being disclosed.

Our attorneys can determine the other party’s actual earnings. When necessary, we can subpoena bank records and other statements to determine actual earnings and resources.

Attorneys Uniquely Qualified To Represent You

Scott M. Brown is an experienced trial lawyer who has successfully represented clients in divorce and child support cases. He is an accomplished litigator who focuses on obtaining results for clients. Your child support matter will receive attention from a skilled legal team that can understand complicated issues and work toward the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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