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Domestic Abuse And Protective Orders

Violence against another person, threats, stalking behavior and harassment are against the law.

If you or a family member has suffered these types of abuse, Scott M. Brown & Associates can go to court to obtain a protective order. If you have been falsely accused of these behaviors, we can represent you with the goal of preventing the imposition of an order.

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We Can Help You Obtain A Protective Order

Scott M. Brown & Associates has helped many people obtain legal protection from domestic violence and spousal abuse. We can help you at both stages of the legal process:

  • Temporary protective order — By filing a petition in court, you can get a temporary (ex parte) protective order. This can kick the subject of the order out of your home and place other restrictions on his or her activities. Scott M. Brown & Associates can help you complete the paperwork needed for this order. If necessary, we can accompany you to court, though you can present the petition yourself if you want.
  • Final protective order — Within three weeks of the issuance of the temporary order, a hearing will be scheduled regarding a final protective order. In this hearing, our firm can present evidence, including photos and witness testimony in support of your petition.

Our goal will be to obtain an order with the specific conditions attached that afford you and your family the protection of the law.

Defending Against False Allegations Of Abuse

In the midst of a divorce or child custody dispute, a party can sometimes make claims of abuse in an attempt to gain an advantage.

If you face false or exaggerated claims of abuse, you need an experienced family law attorney on your side. Attempting to represent yourself is not wise. Without effective representation, you could lose your child custody or visitation rights.

Scott M. Brown & Associates can present your side of the story in the hearing for the final protective order. We can cross-examine witnesses, challenge evidence and present evidence in your favor. If we cannot prevent the issuance of an order, we will seek to minimize the restrictions it contains. We can also seek to modify the terms of an order.

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we are experienced criminal defense lawyers. We defend people accused of assault and criminal contempt of a protective order.

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