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Get Help To Enforce A Child Support Order

Sometimes it’s the only way. If your ex-spouse is delinquent on child support orders, it’s critical to involve an experienced child support attorney right away. Approaching this situation unprofessionally and aggressively can damage your case.At Scott M. Brown & Associates in Pearland, Texas, we can pursue a timely outcome in your children’s best interests. The family law court will make its decision based on your children’s best interests, so it’s important to frame your case in that light.Our attorneys closely evaluate all documented evidence and personally prepare each case for enforceable court action as necessary. We will not allow a delinquent ex-spouse or former partner to withhold the child support payments that you and your children need for care, support and education.

Enforcing Child Support Orders In The Houston Area

Our clients’ child support issues sometimes involve ex-spouses who live elsewhere in Texas, across the U.S. or on the other side of the globe. We can help you take court action and vigorously defend your case under a variety of circumstances. Whatever excuses your ex-spouse or former partner is offering, we can help you hold him or her accountable.

The offending party can be held in contempt of court, forced to pay all delinquent amounts and possibly sent to jail as punishment. Eventually, you will get the money you need, and we can work aggressively to make those payments occur as timely and reasonably as possible.

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