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Aggressive Representation For The Falsely Accused

You can fight false allegations, but it’s essential to be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney both in and out of the courtroom. The Texas criminal justice system and the U.S. Constitution both say that you’re innocent until proven guilty, but it’s not wise to test that on your own. Being convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit or on charges that are far too great for the minor crime that was committed is easy when you don’t have a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney in your corner.

At Scott M. Brown & Associates, we defend people in the Houston area who have been falsely accused for a number of reasons. Our Angleton, Pearland and Houston area attorneys can guide you through interrogation and discovery phases of a case, and we will build a compelling case in your defense, backed by the evidence necessary to dismiss or mitigate the charges against you.

If involved soon enough in the process, we can even prevent charges from being brought in some cases.

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Were You Falsely Accused? Caught In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time?

Eyewitnesses make mistakes. Evidence can be thrown out for several reasons. If you’ve been pegged as an accomplice or an accessory to a crime, you may have a way out. Financial crimes, computer crimes, assault crimes, child abuse and sex crimes can involve false allegations that could land you in prison for years and make you an outcast in the community.

If you are under investigation or have been called in for police questioning, call us. Anything you say and do in the process of investigation can and will be used against you by prosecutors. Investigators may intimidate you and convince you of your guilt. Taking words and actions out of context, mistranslating your words or misunderstanding your explanations can get you in a compromising position.

It’s better to say nothing at all and call a lawyer whom you can trust.

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