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Violent Crime Defense In Houston, Angleton And Pearland

Television dramas do not portray how violent crimes are actually investigated in real life. In order to pursue crimes as extensively as seen on TV, police and prosecutors would have to have significantly more resources. In reality, as a result of limited manpower and budget restrictions, law enforcement personal and prosecutors do not always pursue alternative suspects, verify or disprove alibis, or interview witnesses who could provide exculpatory testimony. This is where the extensive experience of attorneys at Scott M. Brown & Associates in successfully defending individuals charged with violent crimes can mean the difference of a lifetime to you. Attorney Scott M. Brown and his associates push the prosecution back by identifying and exploiting their failure to pursue alternative suspects/leads and properly handle evidence.

Harris, Galveston, Brazoria County Violent Crimes Attorneys

The attorneys at Scott M. Brown & Associates represent clients charged with the following kinds of violent crime:

Assumptions And Cut Corners – Very Few Cases Are “Open And Shut”

Historically, police investigators and prosecutors have a tendency to assume that most victims of violent crimes know their attacker. As a result in the initial stages of an investigation, law enforcement typically focuses attention on spouses, family members, friends, neighbors, romantic interests and co-workers. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for an overburdened police force to focus on singling out a person with a weak alibi or circumstantial evidence against him or her and neglect to investigate others.

Harris County Assault Attorney

With the opportunity to dismiss a case or significantly reduce charges or sentences, Scott M. Brown and his associates often engage with third-party investigators, forensic experts and lab specialists to review the prosecution’s narrative of events and discover its weaknesses and inconsistencies. Our attorneys may expose evidence that contradicts the prosecution’s theory or calls attention to cut corners in an investigation that should have been conducted differently. When your life or freedom is on the line, you need to retain a law firm that will treat your case as if it were a case affecting a firm family member.

Attorney Scott M. Brown and his associates are familiar with how police, investigators and prosecutors tend to think and function. And while we are very effective litigators, we also know how to effectively negotiate with prosecutors to reduce the sentence or charges against you, our client, when it is in your best interests. In order to discuss your case and determine the best approach to challenge the charges against you, contact the violent crimes attorneys of Scott M. Brown & Associates today.

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