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What Are The Dangers Of Representing Yourself In A Divorce?

While you are certainly allowed to represent yourself in your divorce proceeding, it would certainly be more prudent to have a skilled, experienced attorney representing you through the minefield that is divorce. On the surface, some will wrongly assume that representing themselves in a divorce should be an easy process. However, what they do not appreciate is the myriad traps and pitfalls that will be awaiting them, especially if there is a zealous advocate representing their soon-to-be ex-spouse on the other side.

Even if the divorce is considered to be agreed upon and “uncontested,” it is wise to retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney. An attorney experienced in handling divorce will be able to craft a divorce decree that uses the necessary and appropriate language to make the agreement as enforceable as possible under Texas law. Additionally, there may be certain ancillary documents such as real estate deeds, powers of attorney to transfer motor vehicles, documents dividing retirement accounts that would require a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, wage withholding orders to garnish one’s paychecks for child support, and other documents, that would be necessary to effectuate the divorce and tie up any possible loose ends of the marital relationship.

Moreover, in a contested situation, retaining the services of a highly skilled family law attorney is a must. The stakes are too high in such an adversarial process, whether it is fighting for primary custody of your children or battling for a fair and equitable division of the marital property. Having a battle-tested attorney on your side who is well-versed in the areas of family law, characterizing marital property, experienced with the rules of civil procedure, as well as the rules of discovery and the rules of evidence, and a good amount of trial experience will help you obtain the best possible results for your situation.

Your marriage may not have lasted forever, but the results of your divorce proceedings very well could. That is why it is so important to retain the right attorney upfront at the beginning of the process rather than regret the results and pay a bigger price for years to come.


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