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Military marriage presents unique emotional challenges

Being a military couple in Brazoria County or elsewhere in Texas can bring challenges that a regular civilian couple would not face. Long deployments, strenuous jobs and pressure to get married because of the possibility of a significant period of separation are just some of the emotional challenges that a military couple can expect. While the divorce rate in America, including the military, is high, open communication and trust can help balance a marriage that appears to be teetering on the rocks. Knowing what to expect before entering into a military marriage can the couple face emotional turmoil head on.

A common phenomenon seen in the military is the “tech-school marriage.” Often involving younger couples who have not experienced some of the hardships that other military couples have, it can result in the couple making decisions under pressure instead of thinking the issues out. Long separation periods are common while serving in the military, and it often puts pressure on young couples to marry so they can stay together.

A member of the military must typically weigh the decision to serve the country in conjunction with the decision to make a commitment to a partner. Texas military marriages are also unique in that service-members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and families. Entering into marriage without discussing important issues such as where to raise children, where to settle or career aspirations may lead to misunderstandings later. Further, a partner separating from the military can detrimentally affect the emotional balance of a family and can also bring financial challenges.

Like in any Brazoria County marriage, a military marriage should be for the right reasons. The right motivation can go a long ways toward helping couples face some of the unique emotional challenges of these types of marriages. But even those with the best of intentions sometimes end up in a bad situation that they wish to change. In those circumstances, the best approach is to become fully informed of one’s legal rights and responsibilities as a means of negotiating a divorce settlement that is fair and equitable while also covering all important issues.

Source:, “News: Before taking the plunge–What you need to know about mil-to-mil marriage,” Senior Airman Susan Davis, Feb. 23, 2012

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