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Dennis Quaid and his third wife move toward divorce

Divorce papers have been filed in Travis County, Texas, in which Dennis Quaid’s third wife seeks divorce. The papers were filed under the initials “B.K.” and “W.D.,” possibly in an attempt to maintain the privacy of the celebrity couple. The divorce comes after seven years of marriage.

The papers stated that the marriage is ending due to “discord or conflict of personalities.” The couple has two children together. Quaid’s publicist has confirmed that his wife filed for divorce and stated that they were working through a settlement for both parties. No further comments are forthcoming. Quaid’s wife is seeking spousal support, attorney fees and believes that they will come to a satisfactory settlement regarding custody and support of their twins.

A temporary settlement agreement made on March 2 for the children is already in place. Quaid’s wife will take possession of a house in Austin and a Mercedes. Quaid will live at another home and will take possession of a Cadillac Escalade. The agreement also allows for the couple to share a Range Rover, currently in his wife’s possession.

This is Quaid’s third divorce, and fortunately for them and their children, it seems to be an amicable separation.

As we can see, celebrity divorces are not all that different from those of regular Texas couples. Similar issues need to be confronted, including spousal support, property division and child custody. And while we often hear about messy splits, some people are able to work through their issues with few major disagreements. It will be interesting to see how this divorce unfolds.

Source: The Washington Post, “Dennis Quaid’s 3rd wife files for divorce in Texas after 7 years of marriage,” March 9, 2012

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