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Bob Weinstein’s wife files for divorce; claims fear of bodily harm

Divorce can be prompted by many different circumstances. For some, it’s infidelity. Others simply grow apart. And even still, the threat of domestic violence or a history of abuse can spark a divorce as well. This, unfortunately, may have been a factor in a recent celebrity divorce filing.

Annie Weinstein recently filed for divorce from her husband Bob Weinstein, a well-known stage and movie producer who has worked on films including “Pulp Fiction” and “Shakespeare in Love.” Their divorce, which comes after 12 years of marriage, took an unexpected turn when she also filed for an emergency order to protect her from alleged “bodily harm” at the hands of her husband.

The divorce filing came a day after Weinstein and his wife’s family apparently held an intervention for her in an attempt to help her deal with an alleged drinking problem. The person in charge of the intervention flatly denied any claims of abuse toward Annie Weinstein and stated that any type of domestic abuse claim was “irresponsible and frivolous.” Her husband’s representative issued a statement about the ongoing issues, claiming that Weinstein only wants his wife to receive professional treatment.

While the facts of this situation remain unclear for the time being, this divorce highlights how contentious the process can be. It can easily turn into a “he said, she said” situation. However, when serious issues like domestic violence could be involved, they should never be taken lightly. Help is available for those who need it.

Source: UPI, “Bob Weinstein’s wife seeks divorce,” April 7, 2012

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