Superstar divorce: Holmes may seek full custody of daughter

It’s the split heard around the world. Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from superstar husband, Tom Cruise. When the couple first made headlines, Texas residents and people across the nation were a little confused by the match. However, the couple appeared to be in it for the long haul after they had a child together and ultimately married. Now, five years later, Holmes has filed for divorce.

Much speculation surrounds the divorce because Holmes filed her petition in a different state from where they were known to have resided, a sign that she’s seeking sole custody of their 6-year-old daughter. The filing is seen as a “tactical move,” meaning that Holmes may be attempting to gain leverage against Cruise. She filed in New York, which has comparative fault laws that could help Holmes in her case.

The divorce filing in New York could be a move by Holmes to raise questions about Cruise’s personal life and his Scientology beliefs. Some wonder if Holmes is seeking full custody in order to shield her daughter from being raised under that belief system.

With this story making worldwide headlines, Texas residents will be easily able to keep up with Cruise and Holmes as their divorce issues unfold. One thing is for sure — image may be the name of the game as both parties seek to protect and hone their brand. While it remains to be seen if child custody issues will take center stage, hopefully both parties will be able to reach an agreement that truly accommodates the best interests of their young daughter. If they cannot, the issues will likely be left to a judge to determine.

Source: Newsday, “Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes divorce about images, Suri custody,” June 30, 2012

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