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Texas divorce: Non-holidays find way into custody schedule

10Sometimes a Texas divorce settlement can result in strange requests. Recently, a divorce lawyer encountered a unique request from a client’s spouse. The spouse was going over his divorce settlement when he noticed that his wife had requested custody of the children during several holidays. He felt the situation was unbalanced because the only two Catholic holidays he planned to ask for during the divorce were Christmas and Easter.

The man describes himself as not being very religious, so he attempted to balance out the custody schedule with days that were important to him and events that he wanted to share with his children. In an interesting custody twist, the man requested custody of his children on the day the NCAA men’s basketball title game occurs, if a specific team is one of the teams set to play. The man was raised in Syracuse, and although he no longer lives there, he remains a devoted fan and he wanted his children to experience the title game if Syracuse makes it.

He hopes to pass his love of the basketball team to his children. While many people would not see that day as a holiday, he considers it to be “holy.” Although he lives far away from the basketball team, he is raising his children to appreciate the sport and especially the Syracuse team.

Neither the man’s divorce attorney nor his wife’s had ever seen a request like the one he made. While his wife’s attorney was upset at the request, they were able to successfully negotiate the terms until it worked into his favor. While a request like this might be odd, sometimes people have days of importance to them that they want to share with their friends and family. When negotiating a Texas custody arrangement, working together can help each party successfully come to an agreement that works out well for everyone.

Source: Yahoo Sports, “Syracuse fan makes unusual custody request in divorce settlement,” Jeff Eisenberg, July 27, 2012

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