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Legal options in child support: Randy Jackson seriously overdue

Texas residents may have heard recent news about new issues within the Jackson family. Although the battle was initially over Michael Jackson’s estate, a strange twist has developed involving overdue child support for one of the brothers. Randy Jackson allegedly owes the mother of his two children approximately $500,000 in support. Without the help of the estate, Randy may need to be informed of his legal options.

The couple began seeing each other when Randy was only 25 years old, but they never married. During that period, the woman gave birth to their first child. However, Randy Jackson ended up marrying another woman and had a child with her, although the couple later divorced. He reconciled with the first woman and then fathered his second child with her.

When the couple broke up again, she married his older brother, Jermaine Jackson, and gave birth to two more children with him. Reports state that Jermaine has fallen behind with his payments as well. Both brothers have apparently requested assistance from Michael Jackson’s estate, but sources state that their pleas were immediately denied.

Child support can be a contentious matter between parents, but sometimes due to circumstances beyond someone’s control, payments can be hard to make. If someone falls into a situation where an employment or hardship situation makes it difficult to meet the monthly obligations, a party would do well to seek out their legal options in Texas. Exploring one’s options can help parties come to an agreement that benefits them both as well as the children involved.

Source: IBTimes, “Randy Jackson Owes $500,000 In Child Support, Denied Access To Michael’s Will: Report,” Jeff Stone, Aug. 1, 2012

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