Could “cold feet” be a sign of a future Texas divorce?

A new study links the experience of “cold feet” prior to getting married to marital troubles in the future, and could show a real need for the consideration of a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding. While many Texas brides and grooms experience nervousness before getting married, those who had anxiety prior to the nuptials tended to have a higher divorce rate. The results of the study showed that ‘premarital doubts’ cannot be discounted as simple feelings of anxiety before getting married, but may be a potent indicator of potential marital trouble in the future.

The study found that approximately two-thirds of the 232 couples studied had at least one person experiencing anxiety about the marriage. The specific numbers showed that almost 50 percent of husbands and almost 40 percent of wives had some level of cold feet. Researchers followed up with the study couples twice a year for a period of four years to see how their marriages turned out. Specific questions were asked such as the satisfaction levels in their marriage and if they stayed with their partner.

Twelve percent of those couples were divorced by that four year mark and a trend was discovered that suggests that cold feet may be linked to divorce rates. However, only the females showed a significant trend. There was a shocking gap between the amount of women who went into a marriage with no cold feet that divorced and the rate for women who reported experiencing anxiety beforehand. Only 8 percent of women with no anxiety divorced, whereas 19 percent of marriages where the wife reported anxiety ended in divorce. Another result of the study showed that couples who reported experiencing cold feet were actually less satisfied in their marriages and that their unhappiness lasted over time.

This study shows that perhaps if an engaged couple experiences a high level of anxiety prior the marriage, it may be a good idea to listen to their intuition. A Texas divorce is never easy for anyone to go through, but examining the results of this new study suggests that worries prior to a wedding could possibly be linked to a higher eventual divorce rate. Brides and grooms who experience pre-wedding jitters may want to consider prenuptial planning. A prenuptial agreement could help Texas couples relax and enjoy their wedding day by knowing their assets are safe in the event of a divorce.

Source: Business Insider, “Getting ‘Cold Feet’ Is A Sign Of Trouble Ahead,” Jennifer Welsh, Sept. 13, 2012

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