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Texas divorce: Communicating when a former partner moves on

One of the many challenges in a Texas divorce is coming to terms with accepting the changes that often take place in your former spouse after you divorce. It can be a difficult area to deal with because people often expect their ex to stay the same even after both partners have moved on to other relationships. In many cases, this is exacerbated when your ex’s new partner begins calling the shots in regards to how the relationships and interactions between both the ex-spouse and the kids are handled following a divorce.

Many couples complain that the person they were once married to is no longer the same once another person comes into the picture. They note that their behaviors change to accommodate the wishes of their new love. When this occurs, it is important to keep in mind that many problems that pop up over shared children can be averted if the parents can work together, without a third party, to plan custody and parenting techniques.

Keeping the children’s best wishes in mind, it is important to hammer out the roles each parent will play in the children’s lives at the onset of the divorce. Divorce is difficult for everyone, but especially so for the kids. When a parent moves on with another partner, it can be challenging for the children to understand and adapt to.

Even though there may be another person involved once the divorce is final, discussions about the custody plans and co-parenting often work best if the parents are the only ones involved. The children should be included if they are old enough, because having a plan shows a routine and can be comforting to children during divorce. Although it can be difficult, both parents need to effectively communicate in order to ensure their children are able to navigate the divorce with minimal disruption. In cases in which co-parenting is extremely difficult to manage, it may be necessary to return to court to ask a judge to clearly define each parent’s role moving forward.

Source:, “After a Divorce, Your Ex is Not the Person You Use to Know,” Mary Jo Rapini, Sept. 11, 2012

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