Texas celebrity couple files for separation: Divorce to follow

Another celebrity couple from Texas will likely be divorced soon. The wife of Dennis Quaid has filed for a legal separation after eight years of marriage. The separation paperwork is expected to be just a formality and a divorce filing will likely soon follow.

The couple’s prior divorce filing was covered previously in a March 23rd blog posting, but the two were attempting to reconcile so those original papers were pulled. The couple moved out of Texas during the summer, which complicated the residency requirements for a divorce. The original filing claimed that the couple had split because of ‘discord or conflict of personalities.’ The marriage at that time was said to be beyond repair.

This is Quaid’s third marriage. He and his current wife are the parents of fraternal twins. She is seeking sole physical custody and offering visitation and joint legal custody to her husband.

A marriage can be difficult work for any Texas couple, but adding in the pressures of celebrity life can make it even tougher for spouses. As of now there are no rumblings of any financial fights or custody issues. Although his wife is only seeking legal separation, reports state a divorce filing will come soon.

In the event of a divorce, a legal separation in Texas can offer a way to outline both the rights of a spouse and their responsibilities. Issues that can be addressed in a legal separation agreement include custody, child support and visitation schedules. This type of agreement can actually protect someone’s interests until a divorce is filed and can also set a precedent once the divorce comes. A judge could assume that since both parties were satisfied with the separation agreement, the same should be carried over to the divorce agreement. For this reason, couples should take care when signing such documents and ensure they are able to live with the terms of the agreement for the long haul.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Dennis Quaid divorce back in play; wife files for separation,” Christie D’zurilla, Oct. 19, 2012

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