Texas child support battles may end up back in court

Texas parents in the midst of a child support battle know how emotional a situation like this can be. While some parents may choose not have support ordered through the courts, sometimes they end up in court because one parent may either not live up to their obligation or could be hiding assets and not providing as much child support as the law may require. A divorced couple has ended up going back to court after the wife accused her ex-husband of hiding assets from her.

The couple did not have a court-order for child support, and the man claims he paid the woman well over $2,000 a month in alimony and offered additional funds for the children’s expenses and her car note. However, the woman sought to amend their 2011 divorce decree. In the amendment request, she has asked for sole custody of the children and for a formal child support order.

The judge in the case issued a temporary order and ruled that payments should commence in December. She has accused her husband of drinking to excess in front of their kids, using political clout to issue threats and believes he may have hid assets from her. If the assets accusation is true, it may have affected how much support she received for her children.

Child support can be a very difficult issue for Texas parents to deal with. Knowing one’s legal rights in such a case can help parents who may feel the other parent is hiding funds in an attempt to reduce how much they pay for their kids. While child support issues could end up with a couple back in court, it can also ensure the parent responsible for the care of the children receives the money rightfully owed to them by law.

Source: The Republic, “Southaven mayor agrees to temporary child support settlement in divorce,” Nov. 18, 2012

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