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Petraeus debacle to end in divorce?

The recent blow up of headlines about David Petraeus’ affair may have Texas residents who are following the story wondering if the couple will make it. Both Petraeus and his alleged mistress initially denied an extra-marital affair, but emails uncovered by the CIA exposed their stories. Rumors are now swirling that his wife is considering contacting a divorce attorney.

Petraeus has resigned from his post, but since he is still attached to the military by virtue of his retirement, his wife could very well be eligible for some of his military benefits and also lifetime medical care. The couple is reportedly still living together.

Petraeus supposedly broke off the affair with his mistress several months ago, but he and his wife have been together for 38 years. Whether their marriage will survive the strain of the affair remains to be seen. However, with the media attention on top of the revelations unearthed after the news broke, maintaining a marriage certainly can’t be easy.

Military couples are aware of the strain that can come with repeated deployments, and although Petraeus has since retired from the military, his wife has been with him throughout those years and as he served as the director of the CIA. That is likely enough to place stress on a marriage.

Texas military couples who are considering divorce may wish to consult an experienced attorney for legal help. A separation for members of the armed forces can be different from one between civilians. When minor children are involved, custody could also be different based upon a service member’s deployment schedule. As such, it may not be a good idea to navigate those waters alone.

Source: Scallywag & Vagabond, “David Petraeus’ wife threatens divorce as she demands to know how many other women he has slept with,” Nov. 21, 2012

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