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Divorce of “Big Bang” star may interest Texas fans

Texas fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ may be interested to know that one of the stars is seeking a divorce from her husband. Mayim Bialik announced the split in a blog posting. She filed divorce papers in the court the same day.

Bialik has claimed that irreconcilable differences are the reason for the split. The couple has been together for nine years. They are the parents of two sons, a seven-year-old and four-year-old. Bialik and her husband have been a source of controversy in the past for their ‘attachment parenting’ style. However, she claims their parenting style did not contribute to the breakup.

Bialik is one of the current stars of the CBS hit comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory, but she shot to fame as a child star in the show ‘Blossom.’ With her success in television, their divorce could have high value assets at stake and could turn acrimonious if there are fights over property division. The actress addressed her split in her blog posting prior to the filing and stated that divorce can be ‘incomprehensible’ for children.

Divorce is a difficult process for almost everyone. While most Texas residents’ divorces won’t be as high-profile as this one, every couple likely experiences some of the same emotions when going through a marital split. Couples who are beginning the divorce process may want to ensure they are aware of all of their legal rights when it comes to child custody, property division and child support. Knowing this can ensure couples receive what the state law entitles them to and potentially makes for a smoother divorce.

Source: The Washington Post, “Mayim Bialik files for divorce from husband of 9 years; actress seeks joint custody of 2 sons,” Nov. 29, 2012

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