Texas child support: Man pays huge bill to keep motorcycle

Child support issues can often become a contentious part of a Texas separation or divorce. Fortunately parents have options available to them to ensure they are receiving court ordered child support in a timely manner. Sometimes these types of cases can take strange turns, but one of the most recent ones involving back child support seems to have a happy ending.

A man was over $60,000 behind in making child support payments when he received notice that his assets were going to be seized. He had accumulated the date over a long period of time, but no payments from the man had ever been received. What resulted was an ‘intensive investigation’ into the man’s personal financial situation. That investigation unearthed multiple assets in the man’s name.

Soon after court proceedings against the man began in an effort to collect the past due child support. The man’s bank accounts and his motorcycle were about to be seized and there was also going to be a lien placed on his residence. Back in October he received notice that he would be required to start turning over his assets.

However, in a strange twist to this case, the Attorney General’s Office received a check from the man totaling over $63,000 shortly before his assets were to be seized. It is believed the man may have sold his home to pay off the past due child support so he wouldn’t lose his motorcycle. Regardless of the reasons behind the sudden pay off, the man was able to keep his assets and the mother received her long overdue support.

Child support battles can often drag on, but fortunately parents have options available to them to pursue those who don’t help support their children. On the other hand, Texas parents who struggle to make their court ordered child support payments may be able to seek a modification order if they can prove they have a financial hardship which prevents them from making the monthly payments. In either circumstance, the right advice and guidance may go a long ways toward achieving the desired goals while keeping the best interests of the children involved in the forefront.

Source: Exploreharford.com, “Harford man pays back child support to keep ‘hog,’ prosecutor says,” Dec. 4, 2012

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