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Texas divorce: Facebook couple calls it quits

A couple who made national headlines after meeting on Facebook has decided to end their marriage. The wife, named Kelly Hildebrandt, stumbled across her husband on the social networking site when she was searching for others who may have shared her name. The only one she found happened to be a Texas man named Kelly Hildebrandt. What happened next resulted in a whirlwind relationship and a subsequent divorce.

She decided to send him a message through the site, and although they lived in different states, the two began seeing each other. They quickly became engaged and soon after married. Their engagement and subsequent marriage quickly sparked media interest, and the couple was featured in a magazine spread.

However, the couple has since filed for divorce and cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. The Texas husband said they tried their best to make it work, but they both were too different. He claims he wasn’t sure if all of the media scrutiny affected the success of their marriage, but he did say he would probably not marry another person who shared his name, solely because of the attention it garnered. The woman’s mother stated she was sorry for their separation, but they are still friends.

The marriage lasted three years. There appears to be no children from the marriage, so this couple may only have to deal with property and income issues between them. Although they are not celebrities, their story sparked a media frenzy and may have added additional stress in an initially long distance relationship. Fortunately, it appears they have cooperated in an effort to end their marriage amicably and without a lengthy divorce battle.

Source: International Business Times, “Kelly Hildebrandt And Kelly Hildebrandt Divorce: Couple Calls It Quits After Three Years,” Jan. 15, 2013

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