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Texas child support debt may result in tax refund garnishment

Tax time is fast approaching, but some Texas parents may find themselves missing a refund if they owe any child support. Many states will step in and intercept tax refunds, frustrating parents who may be trying to diligently pay what they owe. With the current state of economy and unemployment rate, it can be difficult for parents to pay their child support in a timely manner. When in a situation like this, it may be time to take a look at the legal options available to ease the financial burden.

States normally do not notify the parent about intercepting the tax refund. Instead, the individual may find out when no refund is received. People can contact either the IRS or their local child support office to determine if they will be affected.

Delinquent child support is a problem across the nation. However, depending upon financial circumstances, many parents may find themselves in a situation that makes it impossible to catch up. Receiving a tax refund can assist them in cleaning up their finances, but if the state intercepts it, the situation may be exacerbated.

Texas parents struggling to make ends meet may want to seek relief through the courts. Being able to prove a financial hardship could result in a decrease in child support order. This will help parents get back on their feet and possibly lead to a better situation so they can begin catching up with the amount they owe. Reducing the amount owed may diminish the possibility of a tax refund garnishment.

Source:, “Owe Child Support? No Tax Refund,” Sabrina Hall, Feb. 1, 2013

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