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Texas child custody: Courts are sometimes the best option

Texas fans of Mindy McCready have probably already heard the latest about her tragic death. Now, the passing of the former country music star has led to a custody battle involving her two sons. The woman’s mother and current husband, father and stepmother and the father of one of her children are all seeking child custody. The singer’s father reportedly filed a petition to have the boys taken from McCready’s home shortly before her death. He claims that she verbally abused her older son and was constantly screaming.

The boys were taken by the Department of Human Services, and they remain in a foster home. The father of the older child had a rocky history with the singer and substance abuse. However, he now claims that he is sober, married and holding down a steady job. He said that, at this point, he only wants to gain custody of his son.

McCready’s mother is also fighting for custody, and she has more of a history with at least one of the children. In 2011, she and her current husband had guardianship of the older child when McCready lost custody due to substance abuse. The Department of Human Services believes that she should not only be awarded custody of him, but her younger child as well. There is a hearing scheduled for April, and it is likely that a judge will make a decision concerning the custody of the two boys.

Sometimes Texas families become involved in tragic circumstances beyond their control. When a situation involves children, it could lead to a lengthy child custody battle. In cases similar to this one, where it is possible that communication between all the parties can break down, sometimes the best decision may be to allow the courts to step in and decide the best interests of the children.

Source: Yahoo, “Who Will Get Custody of Mindy McCready’s Sons?” Kathleen Perricone, Feb. 20, 2013

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