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Texas learns of former doctor divorce and money questions

Texas readers may be familiar with the name of Michael Brown. He is the former hand doctor that is going through a high profile divorce with his former wife here in our state. The case is back in the news after the doctor was taken into police custody for allegedly violating the court-ordered spending restrictions imposed on the couple during the dissolution.

The man, who was once the head of a large medical business that specialized in hand surgery, told the court that he had little money. However, representatives for his former wife noted that he appeared to own many valuable assets. These included homes, yachts and cars. They are said to be valued in the millions of dollars.

As is the case in many divorce matters in Texas, the couple in this divorce must disclose all assets as they work to divide property. This is what is at issue for the court overseeing the doctor’s divorce. The parties are unable to hide assets or to sell possessions, within certain limits, without court approval.

In many divorce cases in our state, the soon-to-be former spouses enter into negotiations to determine how to divide the assets obtained during the marriage. When the spouses cannot agree, as was the case here, a court must make the final decision. Though it is important to disclose all property and assets, it may also benefit a person going through the divorce process to review all applicable laws to ensure that they understand the process and the potential outcome of property division decisions.

Source: ABC 13, “Former hand surgeon returns to court for divorce hearing,” Deborah Wrigley, March 6, 2013

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