Texas jury in Sanders case makes child custody ruling

Going through a divorce, even when on the best of terms with a soon-to-be ex-spouse, is difficult. Adding arguments over child custody to the mix further complicates the issues. On top of all that, being a celebrity in the public eye often only serves to ignite an already volatile situation.

This is certainly a lesson that former professional athlete Deion Sanders and his ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, have learned well over the course of the last several months. The two have been publicly dueling over the custody of their children in a Texas court. His status as a famous athlete and their former shared reality show brought a national awareness to the case.

A jury recently returned a verdict about the custody of the Sanders’ three children. Two sons, the oldest of the three children, will be in the sole custody of their father, Deon. Pilar and Deon will share custody of their daughter. The ruling, however, may provide only a temporary respite from the public feud. Reportedly, Pilar was shocked by the custody decision.

Lawyers representing her have publicly stated their intent to appeal. In a case that was already full of negative allegations, the animosity may only continue if Pilar follows through on the promise. Although vigorously denied, accusations of violence, drug use, and poor parenting have already been loudly made. Lawyers representing both sides accuse each other of creating the animosity. Any additional court action regarding child custody will likely play out in Texas courts as both parties will remain in north Texas.

Source: newsone.com, “Deion Sanders and Pilar Children: Deion Sanders Wins Child Custody Battle Against Estranged Wife Pilar,” Ruth Manuel-Logan, March 13, 2013

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