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Texas child custody battle: Abduction, Amber Alert, arrest

A 12-year-old female is finally back home in Texas with her father after being kidnapped by her mother. An Amber Alert was then issued for the girl’s safe return. Authorities arrest the mother based upon a warrant alleging interference with child custody. The parents were in the midst of a heated custody battle.

Sometimes, parents who are no longer in a romantic relationship feel they can care for any children involved better than the other parent. Unfortunately, this is how some children end up being in the middle of a tug of war. Some parents allow their negative emotions for one another seep into the relationships children have with the other parent. When this occurs, the needs of the children typically suffer the most and nobody wins.

When a parent is kept from someone they love, some of them resort to legal or illegal measures. In this case, the father has established legal custody of the daughter. Instead of the mother waiting for the legal system to resolve further custody issues, she is said to have resorted to illegal measures. Sometimes, these actions to establish parentage are done out of desperation and frustration. This way may seem simple at first, but they usually further complicate the situation and negatively impact any further quest for seeking custody legally.

Before taking any illegal measures that may get you in trouble and further complicate your situation, think logically. As a parent you have legal options in the state of Texas, and elsewhere. The process does not happen overnight but if a legal effort is attempted, there is a solution to most situations. Find out what child custody solution best fits your particular situation.

Source:, “Missing Texas girl, 12, found safe in Fishers is caught in custody fight; mother is jailed,” John Tuohy and Jill Disis, April 14, 2013

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