Divorce of Texas man that was wrongfully incarcerated

A former spouse has brought a suit against her ex-husband concerning compensation he had received for being wrongfully imprisoned. The Texas man had spent 24 years in prison after being wrongfully accused of committing a series of sexual assaults. DNA tests eventually proved that another individual had actually committed the crime, and the Texas man was then awarded $6 million in compensation concerning his wrongful incarceration.

Prior to his imprisonment, his wife had been expected the couple’s first child. She claimed that she had been supportive of her husband during all of those years of imprisonment, and that it was her husband that urged her to move on. Their marriage then ended in divorce in 1992.

The former wife was awarded $150,000 by a Texas judge this prior year as a part of her claim upon this judgment. The Texas man has appealed this judgment. He states that the money he received for compensation could not be considered lost wages, and that the money also could not be considered marital property that would need to be split between the two parties because the compensation was received well after the divorce had taken place.

The above facts only emphasize just how complicated divorce and divorce settlements can be. Couples should not take for granted that the courts will rule in a particular manner. It’s always prudent to consult with an attorney to discuss what the best approach would be in resolving any matter that is divorce related.

Divorce is also sometimes inevitable due to circumstances beyond our control. Many formerly happy couples are confronted with circumstances that lead to the breaking up of marriages.

Source: Marilyn Stowe Blog, “Divorcee sues husband over compensation for 24 years in prison,” Marilyn Stowe, June 18, 2013

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