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Domestic violence and the poor

One commentator argues that the sequester going on in our nation’s capitol has resulted in a series of hidden harms. Whether one does or does not agree with this point of view, there are programs not receiving the sort of financing that various advocacy groups may wish to see.

For example, one Texas Legal Aid group that was put in place to provide legal aid to poor people may ultimately result in many fewer individuals being served. It is suggested that cuts to aid in this area are coinciding with an increase in the amount of domestic violence that is taking place. Of particular concern is how the cuts may affect the Hispanic population which is especially prevalent in Texas and continues to struggle with issues of poverty.

Sadly, domestic violence adversely affects everyone in the family including the children. And when it comes to couples that are in poverty, the problem is compounded. Poverty causes marital friction that can result in domestic violence. And victims of domestic violence often feel trapped inside of the marriage with no place to go because of poverty. They often feel they do not have the financial resources to leave the perpetrator of abuse or to file for a divorce and separation.

Family law attorneys will do what they can to help under these circumstances. Though no attorney has the solution for ending the problem of domestic violence, lawyers can provide victims of domestic abuse independent representation and ensure that the courts are made aware of the ongoing problem on a case-by-case basis. These attorneys can request protective orders, petition for removal of perpetrators of domestic violence from the home, and take steps to prevent contact with these individuals from interfering with the lives of other family members.

ABC News, “Sequester Might Sound Wonky, But It’s Real and It Hurts,” Emily Deruy, July 29, 2013

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