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Texas parents in custody for not paying child support

One Texas County recently arrested 23 parents who had been delinquent in making their child support payments.  The Child Support Division for that particular county took into custody 22 fathers and one mother who had not abided by their child support obligations.

A spokesperson for the Texas Attorney General’s office emphasized that these individuals had been given a number of opportunities to pay the back child support owed.  The office wanted to send the message concerning the consequences of not making these payments.

It is said that child support collected across Texas by the Attorney General’s office is more than $3.4 billion.  The one Texas County mentioned above has paid $282 million.

That we even need involvement of the state government in the collection of back child support payments is indicative of how great a problem this really is.  Unfortunately, the amount collected by the Attorney General’s office probably only touches upon all of the back child support that is really owed.

Instances of delinquent child support often remain unresolved.  Self-employed parents, for example, can often hide money both from the courts and from the other parent.  Other parents will move to other locations in an attempt to avoid paying their obligations.

There are actions that family law attorneys can take to assist parents in collecting back child support payments. Enforcement actions can be taken in the courts, wages can be garnished and liens can be placed upon real estate and other property. Child support orders can also be modified allowing for temporarily lowered obligations if the other parent truly cannot come up with all of the money owed.

Parents may not understand that it is their child they are harming most by not honoring their child support payments.  Though the intentions of parents may be to withhold money from the former spouse, the child will sooner or later learn that one of their parents refused to provide payments for their benefit.

Source: Star-Telegram, “23 Tarrant County parents arrested for failing to pay child support,” Steve Campbell, July 29, 2013

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