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Texas males can also be victims of domestic violence

Though the majority of cases concerning domestic violence in Texas concern harm to women, there have also been reported cases of men being abused as well.  Though one particular Texas community has seen 22 men visiting a domestic violence shelter during this year, it is believed that there are many other male victims that are not coming forward.

Male victims of domestic violence appear to be less likely to report abuse than their female counterparts.  This is a particular concern because any domestic abuse incident can result in severe injury or death.  One particular fatal encounter involved a 24-year old man who was run over by his pregnant girlfriend.

For one particular Texas male who had been a victim of abuse for more than two years, the issue appeared to revolve around control.  This victim stated his every move was being monitored.  Throughout the course of his relationship with a woman, he had suffered broken ribs, ruptured disks, broken vertebrae, internal injuries, a broken nose and concussion.  He also almost had his finger severed when the woman bit him.

Any victim of domestic abuse should go through the same process of reporting what has occurred.  If the victim is in fear for their safety, attorneys can often help them locate the resources that they need to prevent further harm from occurring.  Attorneys who understand family law can also assist in the filing of protective orders and taking all the legal steps to prevent domestic violence from continuing.

Men often fear that police will not believe them if abuse is reported.  Nevertheless, failing to report the incident could result in such abuse continuing.

Source: KRISTV, “Shelter Helps Out Male Victims of Domestic Violence,” Janine Reyes, Aug. 30, 2013

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