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October is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention month

A mother who lost her daughter three years ago in Texas due to domestic violence is now sharing her daughter’s story in hopes that there will be more awareness concerning the problem.  Though this mother saw indications of an unhealthy relationship, she did not know about the abuse taking place until it was too late.  She was told that the boyfriend of her daughter would tend to get angry whenever the young woman did not cater to what he wanted.

This mother stresses that domestic violence is not something victims should think that they can by themselves fix.  Victims need to get out of these relationships immediately.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention month.  Individuals are wearing purple in support of the fight to stop domestic violence from spreading.

It’s easy to not make it our business, but domestic violence is something that we cannot afford to ignore.  Though we cannot always bring back victims of abuse, we can in some circumstances use their stories to help other victims out.

Individuals perpetrating domestic violence may not even know that their actions often are in violation of the law.  Besides actual physical abuse, domestic violence can show itself through threats, stalking and other harassing behavior.

Attorneys with a great deal of experience working in this area can help victims of domestic abuse obtain temporary or final protective orders.  Attorneys can accompany those filing for these orders through the entire process.  Evidence and testimony can be presented by attorneys to make certain a final protective order is put into place.

Source:, “Mother of Domestic Violence Victim Raises Awareness,” Oct. 7, 2013

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