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Domestic disturbance leads to arrest of Victoria politician

A Victoria city councilman was arrested on Thursday, Oct. 24, when police officers responded to a domestic disturbance report at his home on West Commercial Street. The councilman, 40, allegedly grabbed his 35-year-old wife’s throat during an argument that turned into physical abuse. The couple had also been drinking alcohol.

According to the wife, the councilman had his hands around her throat so hard that she could not breathe. She scratched his face, forcing him to let go. The alleged events happened so quickly that it was difficult for the wife to clearly recall everything that happened. However, additional pain in her head led to her reporting to officers that she thought she might have also been punched in the face. An officer on the scene also reported that he noticed red marks on her neck and a large knot on the side of one of her eyes.

Neither the councilman nor his wife were taken to the hospital, but the councilman was brought to the Victoria County Jail. The case will soon be brought to the district attorney’s office, which will ultimately make the decision about whether or not to formally charge the councilman.

The wife does not plan to file anything against her husband, according to her attorney. The attorney also stated that the couple is not splitting up but rather just trying to get through some stressful family issues at this time. A representative from Mid-Coast Family Services stated that the wife does not have to testify against her husband if she doesn’t desire to. Without the wife’s testimony, it will be difficult to get a conviction.

Regardless of whether or not the case goes to trial, a victim of domestic abuse is always advised to consult with an attorney about how to proceed in the future. Even if the victim in this case doesn’t want to file anything immediately after the incident, it would still be wise to inquire about a protective order if there is any inkling of future abuse.

Source:, “Victoria City Councilman arrested after domestic disturbance” Jessica Priest, Oct. 25, 2013

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