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The silver lining to filing a ‘silver’ divorce

Ask just about anyone about divorce and they’ll pretty much tell you the same thing: it’s not an easy process to go through. And while along with age comes wisdom, unfortunately for many divorcing couples this doesn’t translate well when it comes to the dissolution of marriage. In fact, according to many people the nation over, divorce actually gets tougher with age.

This statement is likely no surprise to many of our readers who might know firsthand what these people are talking about. As you age, your social circles tighten and you have less chances to meet new people outside of work. Unless you’re into the bar scene, you must rely on dating websites or the occasional flirt with the guy at the gym. Chances are though you’ll come to the same conclusion: waiting to divorce can make things difficult.

While this was exemplified in a recent article written for the Huffington Post, the woman in the article does portray a silver lining that many divorcees never consider: finding yourself. In her words, while her decision to divorce just days before her 50th birthday was quite difficult, it was also freeing and allowed her to live instead of survive.

Her story is not unlike those of some of our readers in which she struggled with whether to stay or go. As she explains, her ex-husband’s drinking habit had become a source of contention, but with three school-age children to think about and bills to pay, she knew the decision of divorce would change not only her life but her children’s as well.

Things were difficult at first. Her children had trouble adjusting to the new family dynamic and financial concerns were a constant lingering fear. But as time passed and the family adjusted to the new norm, she says she finally started to feel better about her decision.

While the outcome for this woman might not happen to everyone, it’s worth noting that there is life after divorce and that you might be able to find your own happy ending down the road.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Why I Divorced My Husband Right Before My 50th Birthday,” Joy Cipoletti, Oct. 23, 2013

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