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Texas banker to get over $50,000 in child support repayment

Any parent who is going through a divorce has to consider the best interest of the children during the proceedings. For the children of the founder, president, and chief executive officer of Green Bancorp, Inc., the drawn-out very public battle between their parents cannot be easy.

In the highly-publicized divorce proceeding, the man brought the fact that the woman had an abortion into the case. His wife had an abortion a year after she divorced him in 2011. During the battle for custody of the children, the banker’s attorney claimed that the abortion called the woman’s credibility into question.

Recently, a judge has ruled that the man no longer has to pay for child support. His child support payments for the two children were $5,000 per month. The ruling also states that the woman will have to repay more than $50,000 that she has received in child support over the past year.

According to “The New York Daily News,” the Texas banker gained temporary custody of the kids last April, The ruling means that the woman might be forced to lose her apartment on New York City’s Upper West Side where she has reportedly raised their children.

For this man, gaining custody of his children was something he found important. Anyone who is going through a divorce that involves a child must make sure that they act in the best interest of the child throughout the proceedings. Seeking the advice of a Texas family law attorney might help to discover some of the ways that you can keep your child protected during the divorce and after.

Source: Opposing Views, “Manny Mehos Wins Child Support Case Against Ex-Wife” Will Hagle, Mar. 07, 2014

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