Property division and other considerations in Adkins’ divorce

People who follow celebrity culture are often fascinated by divorces. However, for these celebrities, having to go through a divorce with the public watching likely isn’t easy. Country music singer Trace Adkins is joining the ranks of public figures who are getting a divorce while their fans watch. Nevertheless, Adkins’ fans in Texas might be interested to learn about this new development in his life.

Adkins’ wife filed to end their 16-year marriage on Tuesday. The couple, who dealt with the loss of a home due to a fire in 2011, now has to deal with property division and other divorce considerations. They also have three daughters, which means that child custody will likely be an issue in the divorce.

The divorce filing comes only two weeks after Adkins appeared on the Grand Ole Opry with Exile to perform “Kiss You All Over” in a surprise appearance. That appearance came shortly after Adkins completed an alcohol rehabilitation program. His admission into rehab was interrupted when he discovered his father was dying. After his father passed away, the singer finished the program.

Anyone who might be facing divorce understands what this couple is going through. Regardless of a person’s fame, an individual must ensure that his or her interests and rights are protected so that they have what they need to start fresh when the divorce is finalized. If you have children, you also have to consider their interests. Seeking the advice of an experienced Texas divorce attorney might help you to learn about the legal options you have to ensure you get a divorce settlement that is in your best interests.

Source: USA Today, “Trace Adkins, wife headed for divorce” Cindy Watts, Mar. 26, 2014

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