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Bode Miller’s son’s mother hopes for amicable child custody plan

For people who are star athletes, going through any sort of legal battle will likely draw attention to the case. Stars who get divorced usually face scrutiny for decisions made during the divorce proceedings. When a star has a child with someone and the relationship fails, the child custody and child support proceedings become the focus of news about the star. For champion skier Bode Miller, a child custody fight is taking center stage.

The mother of Miller’s son recently published an article on a popular magazine’s website that sheds some light on the battle the two are facing over custody of the little boy. The woman says she hopes they can come to an agreement about child custody that will give the 13-month-old boy a stable life. She says that the couple met through an online dating agency. Their relationship ended after she got pregnant.

Last year, Miller issued a statement saying that he was “psyched” about sharing time with his son. At that time, the two had worked out a temporary plan for child custody.

No matter the star status of a child’s parents, those parents have to work together to ensure that the child’s best interests are taken into consideration when parenting plans, child support and child custody agreements are worked out. Learning about the options related to child custody in Texas might help you to determine a suitable solution for custody of your children when you and the child’s other parent are no longer a couple. Before any agreements are made, you must ensure that you fully understand all the conditions and terms of the proposed agreements.

Source:  Burleson Star, “Bode Miller’s ex discusses child custody fight” No author given, Apr. 02, 2014

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