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Domestic violence victims aren’t alone

For victims of domestic violence, the feeling of being all alone can often become overwhelming. In some cases, this feeling can lead to the thought that they have no choice but to just endure their situation. When a news story comes to light that involves domestic violence, however, it can bring some needed awareness to the situation. For some victims, the awareness that they aren’t alone can sometimes give them the courage to seek help. Texas residents might be interested to read about an alleged domestic dispute involving a famous actor and his wife.

Columbus Short, an actor on the popular show Scandal, recently came under fire for serious domestic violence accusations. In the past three months, he has been to jail a minimum of three times for allegations related to domestic violence. The man’s wife has filed for a divorce, and a judge has awarded her a restraining order.

The couple has been married for almost nine years. The wife claims that her husband tried to kill himself and her using a knife. The actor hasn’t issued a comment per the advice of his lawyer, but his publicist says he would like to issue a statement.

This couple’s story goes to show that domestic violence is a problem that can affect anyone. Fortunately, this actor’s wife has taken the steps necessary to ensure that she remains safe. Anyone who is the victim of domestic violence is urged to seek legal protection from their attacker, just as this woman did. Texas attorneys are available to assist anyone in the process of seeking these types of protections.

Source:  KLTV, “Popular ‘Scandal’ character leaving show after domestic abuse allegations” No author given, Apr. 27, 2014

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