Mother asks court for money to fight child custody ruling

A Texas big banker was awarded custody of his 4-year-old child and his 6-year-old child by a judge after it was discovered that the children’s mother lied to the judge about taking prescription medications while neglecting her children. This is the same case in which the banker brought up an abortion the woman had after their divorce. He claimed that she may have lied about being faithful to him and not having men visit her at their apartment.

The judge found that the drug abuse, which included securing prescriptions from 28 doctors, put the children in danger. She has since entered rehabilitation for the addiction to pills, according to her lawyer.

Now, she is asking the judge to award her money from her ex-husband that will allow her to pay for an appeal of the child custody judgment. It is alleged that her weekdays are dominated by rehab and her weekends are spent going to Texas to see her children. Because of this, it is said that she can’t secure a job to pay for the appeal on her own.

The banker’s legal team argued against the petition saying that the woman squandered her $3 million worth, which was her worth at the beginning of the divorce, on aggressive litigation. They say the man shouldn’t have to pay because of her squandering the money she had.

Making sure that the children remain safe is a top priority of child custody cases. Anyone who is seeking custody of their children should be aware that the things they do could potentially affect the outcome of the child custody case in an effort to keep the child safe.

Source: New York Daily News, “Mom whose post-divorce abortion was used against her in nasty custody battle has checked into rehab for pill addiction: lawyer” Barbara Ross, May. 07, 2014

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