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Domestic violence victims can find help at shelters

One of the biggest problems for people who are victims of domestic violence is trying to get started again if they choose to leave their abuser. In some cases, things that most people think about, such as finding a safe place to live and getting household goods, are very difficult. This difficulty is sometimes one of the reasons why domestic violence victims are reluctant to leave the abuser. Emily’s Place, a long-term housing solution for victims of domestic violence in one Texas county, is trying to help women who are being abused leave their abuser and get a new start.

Texas ranks second in hotline call volume, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. This highlights the great need for services like Emily’s House in these communities. Domestic violence shelters often provide women help with physical needs like housing, as well as counseling for emotional and mental needs.

The faith-based facility offers abused women 24 months of assistance, which is a considerable increase from the normal short-term shelters that are often available for domestic violence victims. The women receive counseling, housing and other assistance during their stay.

Classes help the women to learn the signs of domestic violence to help them avoid a repeat of the same situation. The center also includes life skills classes that can help the women to learn what they need to know to survive in the world. Many of the women who are victims of domestic violence have had partners who controlled them through money. This makes it hard for them to know how to manage money. Other courses include cooking, Bible study, sewing, parenting and computer literacy.

Once a victim of domestic violence decides to leave the abuser, getting protection is vital. You have options available through the court system to help keep you safe. Knowing how to seek these protections can help you to get the ball rolling so you can get your new life started.

Source:  Neighbors Go Plano, “Through Emily’s Place in Plano, victims of domestic violence see hope for future” Julissa Trevino, May. 02, 2014

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