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Muslim women don’t have to live with domestic abuse

For women who are victims of domestic violence in the United States, getting the courage to get out of the situation is sometimes difficult because there is a seeming lack of support in the area. For Muslim women in Texas, finding a place to go that wouldn’t frown on Islamic traditions and dictates was incredibly difficult in the past. Some of these women had to choose between staying in an abusive home or moving into a shelter without proper foods or prayer space for their needs.

Those days are long behind women who are victims of domestic assault ever since Peaceful Oasis opened in December of 2012. The women’s shelter is a Muslim-friendly shelter that has foods meeting Islamic standards, adjusted meal times for Ramadan and prayer space for the five times of daily prayer.

This shelter can house up to 16 women and seven children at a time. In the first year it was opened, a total of 122 clients were helped, which was far greater than the 64 clients predicted. Approximately 80 percent of the clients are Muslims, but the shelter is open to women of any faith.

Communication isn’t a problem at Peaceful Oasis because there are 15 languages spoken. Two lawyers help clients with immigration and family issues. Fifteen caseworkers help the women to learn to function on their own.

There is no reason for any woman to have to fear for her life at home, especially when you consider that domestic violence can quickly turn deadly. Anyone who is the victim of domestic violence has the right to seek legal protection from his or her attacker through the court system.

Source:  Westport News, “Muslim fleeing domestic violence have place to go” Marc Ramirez, Jun. 07, 2014

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