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Lopez-Anthony divorce has interesting child custody agreement

When celebrities have children together, those who follow the couple are excited for the children. When those same celebrities divorce, their fans are sometimes worried about what is going on with the children. In the case of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, a battle that has been playing out since Anthony filed for divorce in April of 2012 has finally come to an end. Texas readers might like to learn about some of the specifics of the agreement.

The couple’s divorce was recently finalized, but the child custody agreement is what makes the finalized divorce so interesting. The couple will have joint legal custody, but how the 6-year-old twins will spend their time is anything but equal. Lopez will have primary custody, while Anthony will get the kids seven days each month.

Despite the fact that the children will spend most of their time with their mother, there won’t be any type of support payments made to her. The parents have agreed that child support and spousal support aren’t needed, which puts an end to the $18,000 per month payments Anthony was making for the children.

The agreement about the children also stipulates that the children will kept of the public eye as much as the parents can keep them out. They have to be shielded from paparazzi that are aggressive. When the children are with their father, their nannies must go with them.

This child custody agreement in this divorce settlement seem to truly protect the children. That is the ultimate goal of all child custody arrangements. Those who are going through a divorce should make sure they understand the possibilities for child custody so they can work toward making sure their children are protected.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce finalized” No author given, Jun. 18, 2014

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