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Texas man jailed over child support, can’t work to support child

In a child support case that has left some people turning their heads, a new development has manifested. The Texas father who failed to pay child support because of his employer’s clerical error must surrender to begin his jail sentence of six months.

The man’s nightmare began when it was discovered that he was more than $3,000 behind on his child support payments for his son. It was then determined that the man’s employer wasn’t sending the man’s child support payments to the court, so it appeared that the man wasn’t making the payments.

The man paid up the money that was owed to the court for child support. He also opted to get the account ahead by making an additional $1,000 payment.

That didn’t matter to the judge over his case. In an interesting turn of events, the father who paid ahead on his child support payments once the error was made known to him was sentenced to spend time in jail. The man tried to go through the appeals process to get the sentence overturned, but that didn’t happen.

Now the man who was unknowingly behind on his child support payments because of a clerical error by his employer will be forced to ensure six months behind bars. Ironically, during those six months the man won’t be able to work to support his child.

The man’s attorney hopes that this man’s experience serves as a harsh warning for others who are making child support payments. It is vital for anyone who has to pay child support to know what they are expected to do. It is also important for them to follow up to make sure those payments are being made in accordance with the child support order.

Source:, “Dad begins jail sentence in complicated child support case,” June 24, 2014

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