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Paul George in child custody and paternity case

When the paternity of a child is in question, deciding how to proceed with child custody and child support issues can be rather complex. The condition of established paternity is often placed on the proceedings. In the case of professional basketball player Paul George, legally establishing the custody of a 2-month-old baby girl is one of the conditions he has placed on a child custody petition.

A prenatal paternity test was done in which George was found to be the girl’s father. George is questioning the validity of that test. Despite his concerns, he has already paid medical bills for the child. Now, he is asking the court for custody of the child. His petition does include limited parenting time for the baby’s mother.

The baby’s mother is also asking the judge to grant her custody. She says that the basketball player’s schedule isn’t conducive to parenting the baby. He says that the woman is unemployed, refuses to look for a job, and is unable to care for the child. He asserts that she is dependent upon others to provide care for the little girl.

In response to his allegations, the attorney for the woman says that she isn’t working because she has the infant. He says that George’s claims are an insult to women.

This case highlights the complexity of child custody cases for unwed parents. Individuals in Texas who are going through child custody issues should make sure they understand all the laws pertaining to their case. This can help them to be better prepared for each step of the child custody battle.

Source: Source: ESPN, “Paul George seeks sole custody,” No author given, July 1, 2014

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