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Child support in Texas better than anywhere in United States

The National Child Support Enforcement Association, which is also known as the NCSEA, recently put out a statement saying which child support division they considered to be the best in the entire United States, and they chose the one that is run by the Attorney General in Texas. While the Attorney General did not pick up the award himself, the Deputy for the Child Support Division was there to do it on behalf of the whole group. The award was given out at the 2014 Annual Training Conference and Expo, which is held up in Portland, Oregon.

The Attorney General did put out his own statement after the announcement, saying that he was honored to have gotten the award. He gave credit to the employees working under him, saying that the hard work that they did made it possible.

He also noted that the division’s success was good for the state of Texas in two ways. First, he said that it clearly helped the children who needed that financial support. On top of that, he said that it helped the taxpayers, who did not have to pick up the cost since the parents were paying it.

While many different factors were considered, one of the main ones was that Texas led the country in overall collections. It also ranked first in collections when that was weighed against how many employees the division had. Finally, it ranked at the very top when looking at how cost effective the program was.

Those in Texas who need to collect child support should be thrilled to know that they have such a proficient division backing them.

Source: Celina Record, “Texas Attorney General’s child support division lauded as best in nation” Aug. 12, 2014

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