Considerations for child custody in Texas vary for infants

Almost all parents who are having to go through child custody battles face some difficulty. Just the changes in how much time you spend with your child can cause emotional trauma. When the child is an infant, being able to spend time with the baby to bond with the child is imperative. For this reason, moving as swiftly as possible through the child custody issues becomes a real concern.

Because child custody laws in Texas are very involved and take into consideration several aspects of the child’s life, determining how to apply these laws to infants can be difficult. In some instances, forward thinking is necessary to come up with a suitable child custody agreement that protects both your interests and the interests of the baby.

In many child custody cases, working with the other parent is a way that you can decide on how to raise the child. Texas laws do consider the age of the child, particularly for children under three years old. In the case of infants, mothers are usually given preference because of the child’s needs. For fathers, this might pose an issue, but proper consideration might allow the father to seek physical custody of the baby.

In all child custody cases, understanding the preferences of Texas laws pertaining to how to determine the best interests of the child requires in depth studies of the law. Seeking representation from someone who has studied these laws can help you to focus on raising your child as best as you can until the child custody matters are hashed out. To learn more about these and other matters related to divorce, please visit our child custody webpage

Source: Scott M. Brown & Associates, Attorneys-at-Law, “Pearland Infant Custody Attorneys” Sep. 04, 2014

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