Iggy Azalea isn’t married but she was sued for divorce in Texas

When most people get served with divorce papers, they probably knew they were married. Interestingly, that isn’t always the case. Rapper Iggy Azalea was recently served with divorce papers, despite the fact that she hasn’t ever been married.

A man who claims to be the rapper’s common-law husband has filed divorce papers. According to the Texas law, if a man and a woman live together and agree to wed, they are considered legally married as long as they represent themselves to other people as a married couple. This means that just because they never went before an officiate, they could be legally married.

The man claims that in September of 2008, he and Azalea began living together in Texas. They separated last year and she has since started dating Nick Young of the Lakers.

Azalea’s representatives say that she didn’t agree to the conditions necessary to be considered legally married in Texas. If the man is found to be correct, the rapper stands to lose half of what would be the community property. That would likely include the music she wrote while they were in a relationship.

As part of the divorce petition, the man is asking that the judge stop the rapper from selling the assets they acquired during their common-law marriage. While this case might have some people shaking their heads, it does show how complex some relationship matters can be. For people who are involved in common-law marriages or cohabitations, knowing your rights when you dissolve the relationship is vital to ensure that those rights are honored.

Source: Fox News, “Iggy Azalea being sued for divorce … but she’s never been married?” Oct. 10, 2014

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