How can I handle a parental abduction in Texas?

Complex child custody cases often include parents who don’t really get along. In some of these cases, there might be instances in which one parent takes a child in a manner that doesn’t abide by the child custody agreement. When that happens, the other parent has some options available that might help them to deal with the situation and to prevent it from happening again.

How can I get my child back?

Sadly, it can often be difficult for a parent to get his or her child back when the child is taken by the other parent. Parental abductions often require the help of law enforcement officials to get the child back to the parent he or she should be with. This opens up the possibility of criminal charges and other legal issues when the child and parental abductor are located.

How can I prevent it from happening again?

Petitioning the Texas court for a child custody adjustment is one way that parents in Texas might be able to prevent a parental abduction from happening again. Parents who have to petition the court for a modification of custody must pay close attention to how the custody change is worded. A temporary order means that the issue will have to be revisited, while a permanent order usually means the change will last forever.

Most parents are protective of their children. Any parent who is going through a parental abduction situation probably has a heightened sense of needing to protect his or her child. Knowing how to handle the situation and understanding the remedies the law offers can help any parent to decide how to move forward with keeping his or her child as safe as possible.

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