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Tips for dealing with child custody issues in Texas

Parental abductions and how to handle those situations are what we discussed last week. This week, we are going to discuss some of things parents should and shouldn’t do when it comes to child custody and child visitation. Our readers in Texas might find some of these tips helpful.

We know that you want your children with you as much as possible. It is important for the court to see your side of the story accurately. The court’s perception of your side of the case and the other parent’s side of the case is the only opinion that matters. For that reason, you should make sure that you put your best foot forward when it is time for hearings by dressing appropriately, being on time and being polite no matter what happens.

As part of being polite, you should be willing to work with your child’s other parent for the good of your child. The more flexibility you show can have a positive impact on your side of the case. Once the court order is made, staying calm and flexible can help you if modifications are ever necessary, so you should keep up your polite attitude.

We also know that it is very difficult to have to deal with child custody matters, but it is vital that you don’t let that frustration spill over to your children. Because children are so honest, anything you say about their other parent might come out in court or to the other parent. That can work against you when child custody matters come up. Make sure that you respect your child’s other parent at all times to avoid any potential issues.

Going through a child custody hearing is a necessary step to ensure your child’s interests are taken to heart when you and the child’s other parent aren’t together. We want to use these hearings to help you facilitate a positive relationship with your child.

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