Domestic violence and child custody in Texas

Getting a divorce in even the best of cases is a stressful experience for many people. When you add children into the mix, the difficulty increases. When you add domestic violence into that equation, the divorce is almost volatile. For victims of domestic violence in Texas, there are some very specific things to consider when it comes to child custody matters.

When you open a child support case or seek public assistance in Texas, questions about paternity, child custody and visitation will all come up. Victims of domestic violence can’t stand the thought of their abuser having custody of the children. They can’t even relish the thought of the abuser having visitation with the children.

To make it clear, judges in Texas have a duty to ensure that children are protected when they preside over a case that has to do with child custody or visitation. This means they have to take all the facts of the domestic violence into account when deciding how to handle those matters.

Victims of domestic violence shouldn’t let their abusers threaten them into allowing the abuser to maintain control. This means that you shouldn’t take the abuser’s word that you won’t get child support or that he or she will get custody of the children if you ask for child support.

Instead, you can stand up against your abuser to help ensure your child can get the support he or she deserves. Learning about the laws pertaining to domestic violence and child custody and support matters might help you decide how to proceed. One way to do this is to seek assistance from someone who is familiar with the applicable laws.

Source: Attorney General of Texas, “Information for Survivors of Family Violence Frequently Asked Questions” Dec. 16, 2014

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