Divorce trends and reasons throughout the year

For some, the first months of the year are a fresh start. For some, that means seeking a divorce. Many divorce lawyers joke that January 2 is the divorce day of the year; however, the first three months of the year might actually qualify for this title. Some people claim that the stress of the holidays are the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In actuality, a big reason for the uptick in divorces in the first few months of the year is because people are getting tax refunds. Divorces can be expensive, so the extra money that comes in during the income tax season is what some people need to afford a divorce.

While the first three months of the year have an uptick in the divorce rate, that isn’t the only uptick during the year. The divorce rate tapers off after March but increases again in the summer. That summer increase is because parents likely don’t want to disrupt a child’s school year. Those parents wait until the summer so that children are out of school when they break the divorce news to the children.

There are several other reasons why a person might wait until the beginning of the year. One reason is that year-end bonuses can often have an effect on support payments. Others say they don’t want to disrupt the holiday season for the children so they wait until those festivities are over.

No matter what reason you have for filing a divorce, you have to ensure that you understand how certain aspects will affect your divorce. Seeking answers to your questions can help you decide when you should file your divorce petition.

Source: Lancaster Online, “Here’s why more people file for divorce in the first 3 months of the year” Susan Baldrige, Feb. 25, 2015

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