What should I know about domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a serious problem in some marriages. When a person is a victim of domestic violence, taking the steps necessary to leave the marriage can be rather difficult. Oftentimes, the person might opt to try to work things out or feel so insecure about starting over that he or she stays. In some cases, remaining in a marriage that includes domestic violence can lead to serious injuries or death. Some of our Texas readers might like to know more about domestic violence in this country.

Who are the victims of domestic violence?

While many people think of women as the victims of domestic violence, that is a misconception. Domestic violence victims are men and women of all nationalities, races, genders, sexual orientations and incomes. One in four women experience domestic violence, and there are almost 3 million physical assaults on men related to domestic violence annually.

Are children victims of domestic violence?

Children are sometimes the victims of domestic abuse. Even if they aren’t the physical victims, children are still affected by domestic violence that occurs in the home. These children can suffer from abuse or neglect at a higher rate than children who aren’t living in a home where domestic violence occurs. Sadly, each year more than 3 million kids see domestic violence at home.

What are some of the effects of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness. In fact, it ranks third on the list of reasons why people are homeless. It can also cause health problems, such as headaches, stomachaches, depression, anxiety, and other physical and mental health issues.

Getting out of a relationship that is abusive is difficult. In Texas, we have tools available to help you stay safe if you decide to leave. Finding out which options are suitable for your case can help you to have a solid plan of action when you leave.

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